How to control the color difference of injection molding products?

- Mar 30, 2018-

1. the elimination of raw material resin, color effect.

Control of raw materials is the key to a thorough solution to the color difference.

Therefore, especially in the production of light colored products, the obvious effect of the thermal stability of the raw material resin on the color fluctuation of the products can not be ignored.

In view of the injection most vertical injection molding machine manufacturer itself does not produce plastic masterbatch or masterbatch, this can be the focus of attention on the production and management of raw material inspection. To strengthen the inspection of raw materials storage; the production of the same product as far as possible by the same manufacturers, the same brand of parent material.

For Color Masterbatch, before mass production must carry out sampling test color, both to the same time proofreading, comparison and in this time.

If the color difference is not big, can be considered as qualified. There is a slight color masterbatch batches, can be re mixed after use to reduce color masterbatch, color masterbatch mixing itself caused by the uneven.

At the same time, also need to focus on the inspection of raw materials of resin masterbatch for thermal stability, poor thermal stability.

2. reduce the impact of injection molding process adjustment.

Non color reasons need to adjust the process parameters of vertical injection molding machine, as far as possible without changing the injection temperature, pressure, amount of injection molding cycle and masterbatch.

At the same time, it is necessary to observe the influence of the change of the process parameters on the color and lustre, for example, it is found that the color difference should be adjusted in time.

Avoid the use of high injection speed, high back pressure, and so on, to avoid the color difference caused by local overheating or thermal decomposition.

The temperature of the heating section of the barrel is strictly controlled, especially the heating part of the nozzle and the nozzle close to the nozzle.

3. reduce the effect of the barrel temperature on the color difference.

In production, it is often encountered that a heating ring of the vertical injection molding machine is damaged, or the heating control part is out of control, resulting in drastic changes in the temperature of the barrel and resulting in chromatic aberration.

The chromatic aberration produced by this kind of reason is very easy to determine, and the general heating ring is damaged by the chromatic aberration and is accompanied by the uneven plasticizing phenomenon.

The heat control part of the control part is often accompanied by the product gas spot, serious discoloration and even the coking phenomenon.

Therefore, the heating part should be checked frequently in the production, and it is found that the heating part is damaged or out of control in time to replace the maintenance in order to reduce the probability of this type of color difference.

4. eliminate the influence of the vertical injection molding machine and mould factors.

To choose a vertical injection molding machine that is equivalent to the capacity of the injection product, it is best to replace the equipment if there is a material dead angle in the vertical injection molding machine.

For the mold pouring system of the vertical injection molding machine, the color difference is caused by the exhaust slot and so on. It can be solved by the maintenance mould of the corresponding parts of the mold.

It is necessary to first solve the problem of vertical injection molding machines and moulds to organize production to reduce the complexity of the problem.