How do I get Injection Training?

- Sep 13, 2017-

To obtain injection training, your individual goals and reasons for wanting to perform venipuncture must first be assessed. If a career in the health field is on the horizon, then all you must do is enroll in a course of study that includes injection training as part of the curriculum. You might have to purchase materials separately, but injection technique will be taught in class and through supplementary materials. If you want injection training in order to cope with a personal health issue, such as diabetes that requires insulin injection, then different short-term opportunities for injection training are available and can be selected according to your resources and skill level. Some of these might be free of charge.

Private injection training is sometimes offered as a free service from pharmaceutical manufacturers to home care clients. Clients might need injection training to administer fertility drugs, to manage their diabetes through insulin injection, or to manage other health situations. A phone appointment is made, and a representative, typically a nurse, visits the home to provide instruction in venipuncture. In addition to medication injection, fundamental concepts such as sterilization and needle disposal also might be covered. For a fee, injection training can be also be pursued on an elective basis at an educational institution such as a nursing school, and hospitals might offer training as well on a free or tuition basis.


Medical supply companies distribute a wide range of products that simulate the injection site, allowing those receiving injection training a valuable opportunity to practice on a non-living subject. Some products take the form of the human forearm for maximum realism and are quite expensive. Less-costly models simulate the tactile environment of flesh, using silicon underneath a synthetic surface, but they do not resemble human limbs. Both styles feature a porous inner structure that will accommodate fluid, permitting the use of a loaded syringe in practice for added realism. Using simulated injection sites for practice is an important component of different injection training curricula and emphasizes that repetition is essential to the development of good venipuncture technique.

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