Hot runner system

- Dec 28, 2017-

        Hot runner system, also known as hot runner system, mainly by the hot runner sets, hot runner board, temperature control box composition. Our common hot runner system has a single point hot gate and more hot gate in two forms. Single-point hot gate is a single hot-spout sleeve directly into the molten plastic injection cavity, which applies to a single cavity single-gate plastic mold; hot multi-point gate is the hot runner plate to the melt branching to each Sub-hot runner sleeve into the cavity, it is suitable for single-cavity multi-point feeding or multi-cavity mold.

Hot runner system advantages       (1) No water material, no post-processing, so that the entire molding process is fully automated, save working time and improve work efficiency.       (2) small pressure loss. Hot runner temperature and nozzle injection nozzle temperature equal to avoid the surface of the raw material in the runner condensation phenomenon, injection pressure loss.       (3) Repeated use of outlet material will degrade the performance of plastic, and the use of hot runner system without outlet material, can reduce the loss of raw materials, thereby reducing product costs. In the cavity temperature and pressure uniformity, the plastic parts of small stress, uniform density, in a small injection pressure, a shorter molding time, injection molding better than the average injection molding system products. For transparent, thin, large plastic parts or high demand plastic parts to better show its advantages, and can use smaller models to produce larger products.        (4) The hot nozzle uses a standardized, serialized design, with a variety of nozzles to choose from, good interchangeability. Unique design and processing of electric heating circle, reaching uniform heating temperature, long service life. Hot runner system with hot runner plate, thermostat, etc., compact design, variety, easy to use, stable and reliable quality.