Five basises for plastic injection molding

- Dec 28, 2017-

        First, the effective management of product data management, process data management, drawing document management: effective mold product data management, process data management, drawing document management, you can ensure the integrity of the paper, the consistency of the drawing version; to Drawings can achieve effective sharing and effective use of the query. You can create a complete computer database management of documents, the design department accumulated design drawings, scattered, the previously scattered, isolated information collation to use together to prevent the design drawings, 2d, 3d confusion, the original, set change, maintenance version Confusion, 3d model and 2d drawings inconsistent data, 2d drawing design is not standardized, confused and cause problems not easily found and promptly corrected, resulting in the mold to be modified and rework, or even void, increase mold manufacturing costs, longer mold manufacturing Production cycle, affecting the delivery period.       Second, to maintain the consistency and integrity of the plastic mold drawings, processing technology, and physical data: to ensure the consistency and integrity of the mold drawings, processing technology, and physical data through effective, detailed and rigorous testing methods.

      Third, each plastic mold design, manufacturing costs must be timely summary: through the effective control of the workshop out of work submissions, the effective management of scrapped tools; through accurate mold structure design, efficient processing and accurate mold parts Spare parts testing, will effectively reduce the mold due to set change, maintenance and additional costs, so as to get the actual cost of each set of molds, effectively control the quality of the mold.        Fourth, the overall planning: the planning, design, processing technology, plant production, human resources and other information organically organized, integrated together to co-ordinate in order to effectively coordinate the planning and production, can effectively guarantee the quality of plastic mold and delivered on schedule .         Fifth, to develop a complete, practical plastic mold production management system: to develop a complete set of mold production management system to achieve the production process of mold product data management, process data management, program management, schedule management, computer information management System, including plastic mold production planning, mold design, process development, workshop assignment and product testing, warehouse management, the mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information from the planning to the completion of delivery to achieve a full range of tracking management.