Die ejector use

- Apr 27, 2018-

Die ejector use

1). In the plastic mold, the product is separated from the mold, is also the most commonly used;

2). Carbide thimbles such as tungsten steel thimbles, etc., can be used to open longer and thinner holes;

3). The thimble is also called the tip. It is the head conical metal round rod which is mounted on the lathe or grinding machine to support the workpiece and rotate the workpiece around it, but it is completely different from the thimble of the plastic mold fitting;

4). The plastic mold thimble can also be used inside the mold, it can play a solid role, called the stud.

The types of plastic mold thimble are: [1], dome pin, holder pin, standard ejector pin, non-standard ejector pin, etc.

Plastic mold thimble materials are SKH51, SKD61, SKD11, 65Mn, etc.

SKH51 thimble toughness better than SKD61; SKD61 thimble can withstand high temperature 1600 °C, SKD61 thimble surface after nitriding treatment can be very good to improve the thimble wear resistance, 65Mn thimble because of its poor quality, quality is more brittle easy to break, large Some plastic molds have not been assembled and used 65Mn thimble.