Application of engineering plastics

- Apr 27, 2018-

Application of engineering plastics

Compared with general plastics, engineering plastics can meet higher requirements in terms of mechanical properties, durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc., and processing is more convenient and can replace metal materials. Engineering plastics are widely used in electrical and electronic, automotive, construction, office equipment, machinery, aerospace and other industries. Plastic substitute steel and plastic substitute wood have become international trends. Engineering plastics has become the fastest growing field in the world's plastics industry. Its development not only supports the national pillar industry and modern high-tech industries, but also promotes the transformation of traditional industries and the adjustment of product structure.

The application of engineering plastics in automobiles is increasing, mainly used as bumpers, fuel tanks, dashboards, body panels, doors, lamp covers, fuel pipes, radiators, and engine-related parts.

Mechanically, engineering plastics can be used for mechanical parts such as bearings, gears, screw nuts, and seals, and mechanical structural parts such as housings, covers, hand wheels, handles, fasteners, and fittings.

In electronic and electrical engineering, engineering plastics can be used in wire and cable coatings, printed circuit boards, insulating films and other insulating materials and electrical equipment structural parts.

In household appliances, engineering plastics can be used in refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, fans, vacuum cleaners, electric irons, microwave ovens, rice cookers, radios, combination audio equipment, and lighting fixtures.

In the chemical industry, engineering plastics can be used in chemical equipment such as heat exchangers, chemical equipment linings, and pipe and fittings, valves, pumps and other chemical pipelines.

Due to the rapid development of China's auto, electronics and construction industries, China has become the fastest growing country in terms of global demand for engineering plastics. According to the analysis, with the continuous development of the domestic economy, the demand for engineering plastics will further increase, and the development prospects of China's engineering plastics industry are very broad. In the household appliance industry, the annual demand for engineering plastics for refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners and various small household appliances will reach about 600,000 tons. The amount of engineering plastics used in communications infrastructure construction and railway and highway construction is even more striking. It is expected that the total demand will reach more than 4.5 million tons in the next few years.

In 2010, the consumption of engineering plastics in China reached 2.443 million tons, an increase of 11% year-on-year. It is the country with the fastest growth in global demand. In 2011, the consumption of engineering plastics in China was 2.72 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 11.34%. It is estimated that by 2013 China's engineering plastics consumption will reach 3.37 million tons and in 2015 it will reach 4.17 million tons.