A knowledge of Coordinate Measurement Machine

- Jan 30, 2018-

Technical characteristics 

           Coordinate Measurement Machine, also known as image mapping instrument, the measured physical images can be directly input into the computer, digital, computer or screen to generate a screen to make you more intuitive and clear understanding of the product shape, size and size . At the same time, the measured data and drawings can be exported to EXCEL or AUTOCAD.

Application areas 

           Coordinate Measurement Machine for all three-dimensional measurement for the purpose of all applications. Such as machinery, electronics, instruments, hardware, plastics and other fields. Suitable for the spring industry, contact industry, hardware stamping industry, electronics, plastics, molds and other industries, engineering development, drawing measurement, quality testing of the necessary instruments.

working principle 

           Coordinate Measurement Machine uses its own hardware to capture the image can be captured through the data line to the computer's data acquisition card, and then by the software on the computer monitor imaging, by the operator with the mouse on the computer for rapid measurement. Therefore, Coordinate Measurement Machine can be regarded as a real-time detection device, or a narrow point can be called a dynamic measurement device. Due to the size of the workpiece, three-dimensional image measuring instrument table can choose a different trip. Coordinate Measurement Machine brightness adjustable light source, you can choose the most appropriate light conditions in a variety of light conditions.


           Coordinate Measurement Machine as a precision measuring instrument, maintenance is the use of three-dimensional course must have a course on the Coordinate Measurement Machine for proper maintenance, not only to ensure the accuracy of three-dimensional image measuring instrument measurement, and Proper extension of the service life of the three-dimensional image measuring instrument. Coordinate Measurement Machine, in essence, is the maintenance of each component of the Coordinate Measurement Machine. 

           Coordinate Measurement Machine is divided into dry friction part and lubrication part, dry friction part again has the distinction between air bearing and non-magnetic screw transmission mechanism, and pay attention to the maintenance in the measurement. 

 Maintenance steps: 

           1. First wipe the surface with a fine dry cotton cloth or wipe paper to wipe the dust or oil and so on. 

           2. You can also use the blowing pot, the dust blow off. 

           3. If necessary, re-use a clean, dry cloth stained with industrial alcohol or advanced lubricants, wipe the friction surface. 

 Coordinate Measurement Machine lubrication part of the maintenance steps: 

         1. Use a fine cotton cloth to wipe the dust first.

         2. Lubricating part and then add lubricating oil, grease gun or by adding.