Plastic Industrial Products Mould Maker Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Industrial Products Mould Maker Plastic Injection Mold

plastic industrial products mould maker plastic injection mold

Product Details

Why choose us

plastic industrial products mould maker plastic injection mold


1. Professional manufacturer, design, production injection mould and stamping mould quality control 

2. rich export experience plastic injection mould and stamping mould

3. Reasonable price of design mould 

4. Cavities: single or as per your requirements cavity

5. Treatment: S45C Pretreat>25Hrc,And Nitriding

6.Mould Steel: Cavity

7.Core and slide: P20 ,2738,2136 available Moldbase :LKM available

8. Standard: DEM, HUSKY available

9. Hot runner: according to your demand

10. Life time: >300 Thousand Times

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Producing Process: 

Audit drawings - mold flow analysis - design validation - Custom Materials - mold processing - core processing - electrode machining - Runner system processing - parts processing and procurement - machining acceptance - cavity surface treatment process - complex mode Die - The entire mold surface coating - Mounting plate - mold sample - sample test - sending samples

Equipment: CNC, EDM, Cutting off Machine, plastic machinery, etc plastic part 

Ejection system: Motor/hydraulic cylinder/stripping plate/angle pin, etc

Cooling system: In core baffle and in cavity plate chain drilling type cooling

Design software: UG, PROE, CAD, CAXA etc.

Plastic material: ABS, GPPS, HIPS, AS, MS, PMMA, PC, PA6, PA66, PA+GF, PVC, PP, PE, TPE, TPU, TPR, LCP, PBT, PETG, PC/ABS, POM, PPS, PC, PPE, PPO, etc.

Surface treatment: Polish, texture, sand blasting, chrome plating

Mould life: 300,000-1,000,000 shots

Specification: As per customer's requirements




Q. How to transport injection mold tooling and plastic parts to us ?

By sea or air

Q. What’s your major products?

Plastic injection mould and plastic parts production.

Q. Shaping mode?

Plastic injection mould

Q. How many years export experience ?

More than 8 years

Q.Can you do precision plastic gear mold ?

Our plastic parts tolerance is +/-0.05mm.


Our Company

We are a manufacturer focusing on plastic areas to supply the full one-stop solution for our customers for many years.

We export many injection molds and products to European countries and USA, etc. We have an excellent in-house production capability and up-to-date production facilities as well as an outstanding organization structure. Our well trained and motivated employees are our main assets and thus provide for know-how and competence at a high level.

Our mission is to keep our customers successful on all of their key projects. Our business philosophy is to maxim the benefits during the whole process from ideas to real products for our customers in the long term!




Packing & Delivery

Packing Detailsplastic industrial products mould maker plastic injection mold

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks